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Photography: Brooke DiDonato

Photography: Brooke DiDonato



Pre-menstrual Autumn Phase.

The pre-menstrual phase is the most challenging but most beautiful aspect of our menstrual cycle. It connects us to our heart and our most deepest self - giving us the opportunity to develop a relationship with our bodies.

It's a time to be creative, write poetry, clean the house, write that blog, practice yoga, nest, listen to one self, use your intuition, cry, procrastinate and live really really slowly....


"I created this website so I could teach women about the menstrual cycle and ways to support themselves naturally"




I am that lady who always brings up classy and sophisticated conversations about our monthly flow at the dinner table.

As a Naturopath and self-love devotee, I am here to help you change the way you talk about your body... period!