I Am Learning To Love Myself


I have been sitting here for about 30 minutes now wondering what to write about, and I realised… It’s you.

I want to write about you, and your body.

You know that thing that allows you to pick up a silver spoon and put your favourite spread into your mouth?

That thing, that despite every bruise and operation still stands strong.

That thing that curled over in heartbreak, that straightened back out.

That thing that your very own mother built by feeding you from her womb and breast.

That thing that if you chose, may one day house the connection of two lovers in the form of a baby.

Fact is your body is not a thing.

It is not a machine,
It is more than cells, organs and the Krebs cycle.

Your body is an asset.
An asset that, nobody on this planet has.

Your body is made up of everything your feet and hands have touched,
The ocean water that moved through your fingers,
That wet grass on your feet on a cold morning.

Your body holds the feelings your heart has endured,
Happiness while watching your family laughing around the fireplace,
Sadness for that person who you thought loved you, but didn’t.

It is part tree - tall, wrinkled from the eyes, grounded.

It is part your best friend, and her comforting words,

It is part poetry and film, your experiences softly strung together in words and images.

It is a mix of your ancestors,
Lineages of women and men from thousands of years ago that still stand with you today.

It is part storm, for those times you couldn’t stop crying; was hurt to the core; so angry you got a headache.

But, mostly,

Your body is sun.

And like the sun, sometimes you shine all day,
Sometimes you flicker in and out through the clouds,
And sometimes you are nowhere to be seen.

But everyday, like the sun, you are there.

And everyday your body is still a miracle.

A miracle that houses only you.

So please, never again, disrespect your body.


So you are probably wondering –

How do I build this appreciation for my body?

First things first, just start.

Start by looking into the mirror at yourself and saying:

“I forgive you”

I forgive you for the times I physically hurt you.

I forgive you for my hurtful comments.

I forgive you for believing what they said about me.

I forgive you for all the years I have spent only looking at you negatively.

I forgive you for not once acknowledged how amazing you are.

I forgive you for __________

And finish with:

“I promise, I am learning to love you”.


Illustration: Frances Cannon

Illustration: Frances Cannon