Your Menstrual Cycle


Ladies, your menstrual cycle is more than just your PMS and menstrual bleed. It is a delicate cycle of hormones weaving in and out, making up the essence of being a female! 

Image:  Maddison Leigh

Image: Maddison Leigh

I believe it should be routinely checked/spoken about by medical professionals just like your other vital signs. Abnormal menstrual patterns would be picked up earlier; education would be given from your first menstrual period; and your cycle details would be tracked from adolescence into adulthood. Luckily enough, you can track all this yourself! 

The menstrual cycle (whether it is 20, 29, 35 or 50 days long) is THE perfect opportunity to develop a relationship with your incredible cyclical body from the inside out! That's why it's important to get to know your own cycle.

Below I have broken the menstrual cycle down into it's 4 phases. It includes the hormonal changes, as well as emotional/ physical/spiritual changes that occur from the fluctuating hormones.

Refer back to the focus words and activities at each phase and see if they resonant. I am 99% sure they will ;)

Phase 1: Menstruation  

  • Hormonal: Hormonal production of progesterone and oestrogen drops, triggering the shredding of the uterine lining leading to your period.

  • Focus words: Intuition, reflection, forgiveness, restoration, renewal, nurture.

  • Focus activities: Journalling, meditation, walking, yoga, swimming and sleeping

  Phase 2: Follicular phase

  • Hormonal: Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) signals your ovaries to prepare for ovulation. Oestrogen increases to thicken your uterine lining.

  • Focus words: Independence, physical energy, mental clarity, decision making, action, sociable, positive

  • Activities: Create action plans, learn new skills, affirmations, take immediate action on new goals, step out of your comfort zone, high energy exercise.

  Phase 3: Ovulation

  • Hormonal: FSH peaks, followed by rise in Lutenizing hormone (LH) that triggers the release of an egg into the fallopian tube (ovulation). Oestrogen levels continue to increase, further thickening your uterus. Testosterone surges and drops shortly after.

  • Focus words: Connection, communication, fertility, self-expression, confidence, love, acceptance, patience, understanding, empathy, emotional strength.

  • Activities: Dating, connection with family and friends, important conversations, physical touch, peak energy, support others, express yourself!

   Phase 4: Luteal/Pre menstrual phase

  • Hormonal: Progesterone increases (thanks to ovulation), nourishing the uterine lining for hopeful implantation of the egg. FSH and LH reduce. Oestrogen levels continue to rise, as well as increase in testosterone. Soon, progesterone production will halt, triggering your period and the start of the menstrual phase!

  • Focus words: Awareness, attention, comfort, creativity, nesting, intuition, emotion, subconscious, surrender, vulnerability.

  • Activities: Domestic chores, clearing of emotional baggage, nature walks, self care regime, slow exercise, meditation, communication with your heart, manifestation.


If you are worried about your menstrual cycle, see below for what a normal menstrual cycle should look like.

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