This consultation is the best option for those who want to learn about their menstrual cycle and how to chart for health purposes.

Menstrual Charting Consultation

(1-10 Individuals)

“Maddi is a wealth of information! We had a group session by the fire with tea and fruit dessert. Maddi’s session is the best thing you could go to. Learning about how your body works as a woman is a truly beautiful thing. I couldn’t thank her enough for the knowledge she has passed on not just with natural contraception but all the knowledge around menstruation.

The workshop can be taught individually or as a group. Just you is fabulous and intimate (you will have my undivided attention), or it can be a PERIOD PARTY with your best friends - think wine, chocolate and giggles.

Because of the level of information at the workshop, it is limited to up to 10 people. 

3 follow up consultations are encouraged to ensure you are charting correctly.

Finally a time where you can ask all those questions your teacher may not have known how to answer!

Topics involved are as follows: 

  • Female reproductive system anatomy

  • Phases of the menstrual cycle

    • Hormonal phases (menstrual, follicular, ovulation, luteal)

    • Syncing your cycle to suit your life

  • Balanced hormonal picture verses unbalanced

  • Importance of learning menstrual charting

  • Vaginal fluid

    • Importance of vaginal fluid for women's health

    • Healthy fluid verses unhealthy fluid

    • How to check your mucus

  • Temperature charting

    • Importance of temperature charting

    • How to take your temperature

  • Lunar cycle and your menstrual cycle

  • Phone applications for charting

  • Ways to support your menstrual cycle naturally

    • Nutrition

    • Herbal Medicine

    • Self care

  • Female reproductive system and the environment

Please contact me for price and venue enquires. 

All topics are optional depending on your preferences.

Skype consultation for groups of 1-3 available.


I felt so amazing afterwards. I love learning and especially when it’s about my own body and what I can do to make it better... The session made me feel a lot more ‘normal’ and at ease talking about a topic that is so often ‘frowned upon’. I loved how positive it was and I feel like when I get my period I’m going to really embrace it. Maddi is such an amazing speaker. Overall 10/10
— Nicola
Learning the Natural Fertility Method is invaluable and liberating! It’s more than just a contraceptive tool - it’s empowering knowledge about your body and it’s uniqueness. It is one of the best things I have done
— Katie
Maddi was very knowledgeable of the female body confidently answering any of our questions in a professional manner. She made me excited to start charting & to learn about my body the way she knows hers. I walked away from the night excited about getting my next period! I would 100% recommend to any female to go to a period party with Maddi, even if they don’t want to use it for the natural contraception method, it is so important to learn what she teaches and I wish I knew these things years ago
— Ashlee
I came away finally feeling the courage I needed to embark on my own journey of understanding my fertility and menstrual cycle - which truly interconnects with everything. Growing to understand my cycle and the way it affects me is so empowering
— Shanae
Maddison knows a lot of valuable information about the menstrual cycle and explains it in a way that is easy to understand. This information I hadn’t been told before, and everyone needs to know!
— Ali
The biggest benefit was the whole evening! Having the opportunity to discuss something thats still taboo in society and have the conversation guided by a professional who’d taken such care to build a nice atmosphere... loved it
— Isla