Flow Cup

Flow Cup


For every Flow Cup sold, FLOW will gift a cup to another woman in need, alongside a free workshop on all things period-related.

This menstrual cup has been designed and tested by a Registered Naturopath of NZ.

FLOW was created to provide women with a period management product that is healthy, economical and more sustainable than disposable alternatives.


  • May be worn for 6-10 hours

  • Flat, flexible stem designed for comfort and easy cleaning

  • Free of colours, chemical dyes, and BPA

  • Smooth, slender design with no hard ridges

  • Inside measurements in mls make it easy to track changes in your flow

  • Longer 'training' stem for first time users. This can be trimmed at any time to a length that suits you.


  • Step-by-step instruction leaflet

  • Cotton storage bag

  • Reusable and recyclable packaging

Available in small and medium.

Small: Suitable for light to normal flow; younger menstruators; low cervix

Medium: Suitable for medium to heavy flow; post pregnancy; high cervix

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Made from 100% clear medical grade silicone

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